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The Renewable Energy Target has been in the news here in Australia since the appallingly biased RET review. I would like to express my disgust that the Australian Government would even consider reducing this target at a time when the evidence of climate change occurring here and now is overwhelming. I have personally approached my local member of Federal Parliament, The Honorary Mr Ross Vasta, to detail my objections and concerns. I recommend that all of my readers also speak directly to their own member of Parliament. A copy of my letter which summarises our meeting can be found on the News page on this website: 

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dinkum energy is an alternative energy consulting company.  Expertise includes the specific areas of hydrogen energy, fuel cells and solar power.  We are available for commerc
ial consulting where companies are looking for an alternative to the highly carbon intensive power grid.

Adrian Horin, the proprietor of dinkum energy, is currently offering free, in house consulting in relation to residential solar power. If you have had enough paying the exorbitant power rates charged on your electricity bill, it may be time to invest in a quality solar power system. Click on here above for more information.

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